Join 10,000+ companies who said goodbye to expense reports using Pleo.

Agencies and consultancies

Assign Pleo cards to your staff and contractors, get rid of expense reports and get a full insight into all spending.

Pleo also allows you to organise all expenses based on internal or external specific projects or clients, so you can track everything in detail and in real-time.

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IT companies and startups

Empower your employees with cards, say goodbye too all paperwork, and stay on top of all company spending.

Pleo helps companies manage their subscriptions more efficiently, manage paper and online receipts in one place, and sync data directly to accounting systems.

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Larger companies

Optimise company spending and remove tedious processes with a simple, all-in-one corporate card and expense solution.

Integrate Pleo smart company cards to work with your company process and approval flows, while still saving time for both employees and the finance department.

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Accounting firms

Become a Pleo partner and offer your clients a solution for expenses that will make them happier and save you time.

Pleo allows you and your customers to finally say goodbye to expense reports, reimbursements, petty cash and tedious paperwork.

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