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Frequently asked questions*

*and the answers to them, of course

The basics

Pleo is a centralised business spending solution for forward-thinking teams. Pleo enables employees to buy the things they need for work, while keeping companies in full control of all spending. With the help of breakthrough technology and commercial cards, Pleo eliminates expense reports, reduces administrative complexity and simplifies bookkeeping. Find out more.

Using Pleo

No. The founding idea behind Pleo is to get rid of the expense reports. When you pay for something with your Pleo card, you’ll receive an instant notification on your phone. Snap the receipt, add some basic info about what you’ve bought and that’s it. Our software will automatically categorise the purchase.

Managers or finance teams can monitor all transactions in real-time and flag anything that needs more information. When the time is right, transactions can be exported to the accounting system your business uses.


Fetch pairs up the receipt in your Gmail, Outlook or Microsoft 365 inbox with the matching Pleo expense. Fetch doesn’t just search for receipts as they come in to your email account. It can sniff out any missing receipts from the last year and notify you when it’s done. Pleo doesn’t store your emails and Fetch will only retrieve messages that contain receipts. How Fetch works.

Security and privacy

Every time you add funds to Pleo, that money comes out of your business bank account. But it doesn’t go directly to us. It goes first to J.P. Morgan, or to Danske Bank for our customers in Denmark and Sweden. This means that neither we – nor anyone else – have direct access to your money. When a transaction is made with a Pleo card and Mastercard looks for the funds to cover it, Pleo takes the money from J.P. Morgan or Danske Bank to pay it.

J.P. Morgan and Danske Bank are both deemed to be Systemically Important Financial Institutions.

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