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Companies of all shapes and sizes manage their spending with Pleo.

We work with thousands of businesses in Europe, across every industry. Empower your team to buy what they need to do great work, whatever that work is.

One spending solution, 30,000+ happy companies

  • "I love the way Pleo gives you the ability to let people do their jobs, empowering them, passing down responsibility."

    Anthony Hanson Essential Living

  • "No more chasing invoices here, there and everywhere. No more build-up of payments to be made."

    Victoria Cozens Perky Blenders

  • "Pleo has meant a massive shift in how much time from an average day is spent on strategy and not donkey work."

    Sam Bradley Cookson Adventures


Design firm Cobe left outdated processes behind with Pleo.


How Pleo’s key features help Budbee keep customers smiling.


International growth isn’t a problem for Nodes, thanks to Pleo cards


Ambitious, agile – here’s how Irish tech start-up TerminusDB use Pleo


A company where job ads mention getting your own Pleo card


The company where “Pleo it” has become a catchphrase

Essential Living

For Essential Living, coping with a crisis was made easier by Pleo


Modern marketing with modern spending – Trickle and Pleo


Meet the chairman of our board (also a happy Pleo user)

Reelworld Productions

Expenses management never sounded better for this media firm

Forza Football

Pleo 1 - Traditional expense stress 0

Sharky & George

Putting on parties is stressful, expenses don’t have to be

Cookson Adventures

Using Pleo to get to the world’s wildest destinations

Space 10

Out-of-pocket spending was an issue. Not with Pleo


No more borrowed company cards for this agency


They wanted safer spending, they found it with Pleo


Streamlining expenses management with our cards and app


Empowering employees to be as efficient as possible

European Energy

How do you automate expense reporting at scale?

Pizza Pilgrims

A growing food empire, a growing mountain of receipts


A modern expenses solution for the workspace provider


Choosing an expenses solution that matched their values


How to manage spending while growing fast


For DeadHappy, Pleo means trust and control

Why Pleo?

Pleo means no more reimbursements or boring end-of-month expense reports. You decide who gets a Pleo card and get real visibility over all company spending. 

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