Track budgets,
not receipts

Pleo takes all the hassle out of company spending,
offering company cards to automate expense reports.

I am trusted,
not reimbursed.4


How Pleo helps accountants

Company cards for your staff and contractors

Assign cards to employees or contractors with custom set spending limits, so you can always stay on budget.

Instant expense reconciliation and categorisation

Employees are reminded to take an image of the receipt and match their expenses with the right project or client.

Real-time overview over all expenses

All company spending can be accessed in real-time, with the data in place and synced with your accounting system.

Pleo features and benefits

Quick onboarding

Use your current bank and get going in a matter of minutes.

Payment cards for employees

Generate virtual or plastic Pleo cards for all employees.

Spending limits and rights

Define custom rights and limitations for each employee.

Receipt matching

Categorisation and matching of receipts happen as you pay.

Real-time dashboard

Stay on top of all company spending in real-time.

Accounting integrations

Avoid repetitive procedures, connect Pleo with your accounting software.

Quick and free top-ups

Load your Pleo wallet and Pleo cards fast, with no fees.

Fraud detection

Detect suspicious purchases when they happen.

Top customer support

Contact our team with in-app chat, email or phone support.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Pleo can be connected to most accounting systems. We have direct integrations with Xero and e-conomic and our customised CSV export functionality works well in many other cases.
We take security very seriously. Our cardholder data is protected by bank-level data encryption and is stored in a PCIDSS level-1 compliant data centre in the EEA. All data passed between our servers and third parties is 2048-bit SSL encrypted. Card transactions data is transmitted via VPN-tunnels to a certified PCIDSS level-1 processor.
No, the founding idea behind Pleo is to get rid of the expense reports. When using your Pleo card, you will instantly receive notification on your mobile app. Pleo works hard to make the next steps of capturing the receipt and categorizing the expense as smooth and automatic as possible. As a Manager, you can monitor all transactions in real time and even define your own notification settings to alert you when specific purchases are made. All transactions can be directly pushed or exported to most accounting systems.
The virtual and plastic Pleo cards are Mastercard cards. To use the cards, your company needs to have funds available in the Pleo account. To provide funds to your Pleo account, you need to wire funds into a segregated account (which means that neither we or anyone else can access your money) with JP Morgan or Danske Bank. JP Morgan is a designated as a Systemically Important Financial Institution by the United States’ Federal Reserve, with the highest rating. Danske Bank is designated as a Systemically Important Financial Institution by the Danish Central Bank.