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Expense reimbursements made easy for everyone

With Pleo’s expense reimbursement software, finance teams can trust that out-of-pocket expenses are submitted, approved and processed in a way that suits them. And all within company policy.

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Leading expenses tool in Europe

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Works with all accounting systems

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Trusted by more than 30,000 companies

The easiest way to handle out-of-pocket expenses

You're in control over how and when your employees are reimbursed for their out-of-pocket spending.

  1. Without Pleo

    Outstanding repayments can cause havoc when it comes to bookkeeping, and not knowing who's spent what and when creates chaos come end-of-month.

  2. With Pleo

    Get a clear view of all the money owed to your team. Let employees reimburse themselves or allow finance team to trigger repayments, so you're always on top of your cash flow.

How do reimbursements work?

  • "We handle our entire reimbursement process through Pleo. We have a learning budget available, so a lot of our team members use it to buy books and courses and then get swiftly reimbursed through Pleo."

    Faith Metobo Senior Finance Manager, Blinkist

  • "With Pleo, I know that my team is using minutes a month to book all the expense entries instead of hours, and then they can move on to a new, more useful task."

    Martin Dalskov Accounting Manager, Podimo

  • "I would recommend Pleo to every company that wants to save time."

    Leonard Bergström Nordic Operations Manager, Budbee

    Portrait of Leonard Bergström and Budbee logo

Choose how employees get reimbursed

Whether you want admins to trigger reimbursements when it’s convenient for them, or allow employees to reimburse themselves, you're in control of how and when your team gets repaid for out-of-pocket expenses.

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New: Admin-initated reimbursements

Reimburse without ruining end-of-month

Out-of-pocket and end-of-month don't usually go hand in hand. With admin-initiated reimbursements, reconciling your accounts is smooth and simple. Reimburse employees when it's convenient for you, so no money leaves your account before you want it to.

Finance manager overlooking company spend

Keep your options open

Icon of a bank

Direct bank account

Owe an employee money? Send it straight to their bank account. Minimal effort for you, fast repayment for them.

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Paid with salary

You can even reimburse employees through their salary, if you like. Track this in Pleo and keep on top of your reimbursements.

Icon of a company card

Direct to card

Alternatively, it’s easy to refund employees straight to their personal credit or debit card.

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Rather repay employees by cash or another method? That's fine too, and you can still keep track of all reimbursements on Pleo.

Easy for employees, accurate for admins

Usually, employees have to manually add the details of their expense claims, leaving room for human error. With Pleo, our OCR technology scans each receipt so every detail finance teams see is correct, from the date and amount to the merchant.

Picture of a person scanning an expense receipt with Pleo app

However you Pleo it, we’ve got you covered

From mileage to meals, it’s easy to be reimbursed for costs associated with your work trips. Bought something on your Pleo card that you should have used your own money for? Accidents happen – we can fix that.

  1. Icon of a car showcasing mileage


    We’ll calculate the distance and fuel cost of work trips. Simply tell our app where a journey started and ended and we'll work out what’s owed for fuel.

  2. Icon of a currency symbol

    Personal purchases

    Bought something with Pleo that you should have used your own card for? Just mark it as a private purchase and keep track of the money owed between you and your company in the app.

All your expenses, no exceptions

Illustration of an employee

Employees with Pleo cards

Even those with Pleo cards can be caught short when they need to buy something. If someone forgets their card, they can use their own and add a photo of the receipt in the app to get their money back.

Illustration of an employee capturing a receipt

Employees without Pleo cards

For some (often bigger) businesses, not everyone needs a company card. But with Pleo, they won’t have to dip into their own wallets for long – just add the expense in the app to get reimbursed.

Illustration of a contractor


Whether you’re a film company outsourcing sound crew or a property company in need of plumbers, keep contractor costs under control with easy reimbursements for expenses.

A little more detail

When an employee has bought something with their own money, they can easily add the expense to the Pleo app. Pleo allows for approval workflows, be that team leads or finance, so reimbursements require signing off. Whether you opt for admin-initiated (AIDR) or employee-initiated direct reimbursements (EIDR), once a reimbursement has been approved, the employee will receive a notification letting them know the amount has been transferred to them – just make sure the employee has added their personal card or bank account details beforehand. The expense plus reimbursement is tracked and recorded in the platform, just like a purchase made with a Pleo card.

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