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Live webinars and on-demand videos to get you and your team up and running.

Live webinars and on-demand videos to get you and your team up and running.

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Accounting30 mins

How to connect Pleo with Xero

19 Oct 202313:00 (CET)

Save time on manual work by connecting your Pleo account with Xero. Get set up for success and easily sync expenses and receipts from Pleo to Xero.


Reimbursements30 mins

How to manage out-of-pocket expenses

31 Oct 202313:00 (CET)

Learn how Pleo’s out-of-pocket expense solution can help your employees get quickly reimbursed for work-related purchases, like mileage and client meals.


24/7 onboarding – it's easy

Accounting2:30 mins

Top tips for closing month-end faster

Make exports more efficient with filters, bulk edits, review details and more.

Reimbursements1 min

How to set up direct reimbursements

Save time and let employees manage their own reimbursement payments.

Accounting4 mins

How to connect Xero with Pleo

Link your Xero account to Pleo in under 10 minutes

Accounting4 mins

Exporting Pleo transactions into Xero

Learn how to review and transfer your Pleo expenses to Xero.

Spend Controls2 mins

Reviewing and approving expenses

Approvers can review their team’s expenses in real-time – here’s how.

Reimbursements1 min

Submitting a reimbursement

Learn how to add an out-of-pocket expense on Pleo’s mobile app to get reimbursed.