Manage expenses easily,
without chasing receipts

With Pleo, you can make your practice more efficient, by automating expense reporting for your clients and having a full overview over all data you need.

I am trusted,
not reimbursed.4

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Why become a Pleo partner accountant

Streamline your workflow

Avoid double procedures or retyping by syncing Pleo with your accounting software, making your work easier and more efficient.

Save hundreds of hours

Stop chasing clients for receipts and needed data, with Pleo, all information you need is in place, so you track everything in real-time.

Get more clients

With Pleo smart automation, you are able to take on more clients and add more value-added services to develop better relationships.

Here is how Pleo works for you and your clients

1. Assign company cards with limits

Pleo virtual or plastic cards are assigned to employees with individual limits, so company spending never goes over budget.

2. Reconciliation happens on the go

Employees are reminded to take an image of the receipt when a purchase is done that is matched with the right data and category.

3. Sync Pleo to your accounting software

All company spending can be accessed in real-time, with all the data in place and synced directly with your accounting system.

Built for accountants, loved by clients

Employees and managers love Pleo because it makes their work easier,
accountants love it because it easily works with what they already use.

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