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Track your mileage costs with Pleo

Pleo makes it easy to keep your team on the road and to measure their mileage exactly.

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A happy employee fuels his car

How it works

Illustration of using Pleo as a fuel card

Buy something

Use your Pleo card to pay for something and you’ll get an instant notification on your app.

Illustration of scanning fuel receipt

Add your receipt

Snap your receipt and add any important details to the Pleo app.

Illustration of a happy customer next to a car

You’re done!

That’s it! No more reimbursements or tedious expense reports!

Business fuel cards with spending limits

Issue a Pleo smart company card to your team members that drive for work. They use it to pay for the fuel they need and back at base, your finance team see every payment in real-time.

An employee about to fuel his car and receive the fuel expenses

A whole new way to track mileage

Our expense reimbursement feature calculates the distance and fuel cost of work trips. Simply tell our app where a journey started and ended and we'll work out the mileage expenses.

Fuel reimbursement made simple

Pleo can also be used to pay your team back for petrol purchases they’ve made with their own money. Fast, compliant reimbursements – with digital receipt capture for your records.

Employees using Pleo's app to claim their fuel reimbursement

Fleet cards that you can rely on

Pleo cards are the most stable and widely-accepted spending cards around. So whatever vehicle costs you need to sort, whether that’s petrol, repairs or accessories… You can Pleo it.

Fleet cards for paying for vehicle costs

Benefits of a business fuel card

Fuel can be a considerable cost for any company – using Pleo to track all of those purchases means you can see just how much it’s costing, in real time.

How our mileage reimbursement software works

Teams can either pay for fuel using a Pleo card, or sort it with their own cash and get reimbursed via Pleo. Here’s how the pay back process works.

  1. Adding a trip

    When you log in to Pleo, tap the + button on the Expense page. You’ll find that your company’s registered location will pop up as a suggested address – handy.

  2. Editing a trip

    You can edit any of the details for work trips: the date, the distance, even the mileage rate. One rate will be displayed for everyone at your company, but it can be edited per expense.

  3. Creating a receipt

    Once the details are entered, a receipt will be created in Pleo. On there you’ll see the date, start / end address, distance, vehicle type, rate and amount. The merchant name on the expense will be 'Mileage'.

  4. Sorting your reimbursement

    Your balance – showing how much is owed between the employee and the business – will update once a mileage expense is added. Employees will receive a notification once the money has been transferred to their personal account.

Questions? We’ve got you

A fuel card for business can be issued to staff who make trips for their job, so they can easily pay for the petrol, diesel or electricity they need. Whether they’re always on the road or take irregular journeys, a fuel card helps team members avoid using their own cash.

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Powered in the UK by B4B partnership