Company spending,
easier for everyone

With Pleo, employees are empowered while managers
are in full control over all company spending.


Happier and more productive employees

Get rid of reimbursements and don't burden your employees' personal finances for business purchases. Give them the feeling of being trusted and independent.


Save time and money on tedious tasks

Still manually doing expense reports? Save your admin and employees up to 90% of that time by eliminating expense reports, so they can focus on their work.


A complete insight and peace of mind

No more waiting for end of month bank statements or expense reports to arrive. A transparent and real-time view of transactions gives you access to the full picture of company spending.

How is Pleo different?

Compare Pleo to:

Corporate Credit
Expense Report
Quick and simple onboarding Get started fast with no paperwork.
Automated expense reports Match receipts with the purchases.
Get cards instantly Order and receive cards with just a few clicks.
Flexibility and control Limit and control cards individually.
Real-time notifications See company spending as it happens.

"Pleo has the potential to drastically reduce admin and issues related to tracking expenditure and accounting compliance.”

"It’s all about empowering employees, all the while maximizing company control over spending and minimizing administrative headaches.”

"This is a modern way to handle business and time-consuming administrative tasks, freeing up professionals to spend more time doing their jobs.”

We are here to help

Our dedicated support, in both Danish and English, will help you get started with Pleo and make sure all your questions are always answered.