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Easily record all your business expenses with Pleo’s receipt scanner

No more lost or crumpled receipts. Save time and spare yourself, and your team, the hassle of manually organising and tracking expenses by scanning receipts using the Pleo app.

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Receipt scanning with Pleo mobile app

How it works

Illustration of reimbursing dinner expenses with Pleo business expense tracking app

Buy something

Use your Pleo card to pay for something and you’ll get an instant notification on your app.

Illustration of receipt scanning with Pleo app

Add your receipt

Scan your receipt and add any important details to the Pleo app.

Illustration of celebrating a successful business purchase

You’re done!

That’s it! No more reimbursements or tedious expense reports!

A smart receipt scanner app in your pocket

You can use Pleo’s receipt scanning app whenever, wherever. All important purchase details are collected automatically and attached to the right expense – all with your smartphone. Perfect for travel or teams on-the-go.

Functionality features of Pleo's receipt scanner

The only business receipt tracker you’ll ever need

With Pleo’s app, receipt tracking has never been simpler. Make a purchase and snap a picture – we’ll take care of the rest. Received a receipt in your inbox? Don't sweat it, our email receipt finder will automatically fetch those for you too – it can even sniff out receipts from the past 30 days.

Woman uses Pleo's receipt scanning app to record her expenses

A receipt app for every kind of business

No matter what your people need to buy for work, our company cards and receipt app enable everyone to do their jobs brilliantly. It’s easy to use and ready to scan receipts in seconds.

Admin overview in Pleo's app

Make receipt management a breeze

Keeping track of receipts is one of the hardest parts of manual expense reporting. Use our app for smarter receipt management with every purchase sorted and categorised as soon as you make the purchase.

A group of people using Pleo's receipt software to record their dinner expenses

Questions? We got you

After using your Pleo card to make a purchase, you’ll receive an instant notification to add the receipt. With your smartphone, snap a photo of the receipt using our receipt scanner app and our receipt scanning technology will add the merchant’s name and the exact amount of the purchase.

Why your business needs a receipt scanner app

Increased productivity

The old way of tracking receipts is time consuming. With Pleo’s receipt scanner app, your people can focus their efforts on more important tasks and be more productive over all.

Flexible processing

Document, report and save expenses wherever, whenever. Our receipt scanner app allows for your business’ expense reporting to be way more flexible and done in real-time. Purchases can be recorded right away, and eliminates the risk of missing receipts when it’s time to close the books.

Better organisation

Pleo’s receipt scanner app allows you to store all your receipts in one centralised space. Saving you and your people a lot of time in searching for and retrieving receipts when they’re needed. Not to mention, reduces clutter and the need for a dusty file cabinet. From employee to management to finance, everyone can track necessary receipts and stay on top of spending.

Accurate reporting

Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past when you use software to scan receipts. No more rejected expense reports because a pesky decimal is missing. So not only do you close the books faster, but you also have a much better overview of company spend, budget and cash flow.

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