Simplify company expenses with Pleo and Xero

Easily sync all expenses, receipts and account numbers with Xero. Save days each month on tedious expense matching.


Expense reporting fully automated with Pleo and Xero

Assign company cards

Distribute virtual or plastic Pleo cards with individual spending limits.

Automated expense reports

Real-time notifications remind employees to take a photo of their receipt on-the-go.

Flawless integration

Connect all your expense data and receipts from Pleo to Xero with just one click.

Real-time expense sync

Our Xero Direct Feed gives you an up-to-date picture of what’s being spent.


Connect Pleo and Xero in just a few clicks

It couldn’t be simpler to connect your Xero account with Pleo. Import your nominal codes, settings and tracking categories to simplify your workflow.


Sync all of your spending data, including receipts

Complete Pleo purchase data from the point of sale is pushed through to Xero to match your accounting records. That includes the receipts, categories, VAT codes and any custom notes.


Reduce manual data entry errors and save hours

Move transactions directly from the swipe of the Pleo card to Xero automatically, reducing the risk of human errors in your accounting and eliminating manual work.


Connect Xero and Pleo in real-time

Our Direct Feed, the latest exciting feature of our Xero integration, gives you an up-to-date picture of what’s being spent. This means all Pleo transactions can be sent to your Xero feed automatically, every day. Once the direct feed is connected, statement lines appear in your bank account in Xero, ready for you to reconcile.