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Our reports and eBooks highlight best practices and offer insights on business spending, finance management and the top tools to streamline your processes.

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We crunch the numbers from thousands of businesses across Europe. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

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Every Pleo download comes with a promise – they’re always great to look at. Oh, and lots of practical takeaways that you can implement right away.


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We believe in talking to the experts – and sharing their wisdom. Expect lots of industry leaders offering their advice.

Marketing meets finance: Smarter budgets, better results

Investing in marketing is key to making more money as a business, but how can you make sure marketing and finance are on the same page on budget? This is our guide to getting smart with your marketing – and even smarter with your budget.

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Marketing meets finance eBook

The CFO's playbook for 2024

Discover the state of spending in an increasingly automated and digitised financial world, and where financial leaders should place their focus for the year ahead.

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The CFO's playbook for 2024

CFO Insights: Transforming processes in the new way of finance

Discover tips and advice from five forward-thinking finance leaders.

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CFO Insights eBook

Video series

The new way of finance

This video series provides over 50+ minutes of learnings from real finance professionals, sharing their knowledge and thoughts on the intersection of steering the business, control, processes and enabling your workforce.

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The new way of finance

Pleo report

The State of Spending 2023: The new normal of business finance

This report dives into why so many businesses feel a lack of preparedness for what’s to come and looks at the biggest pain points of the current economic climate, as well as their business setups, to help form the blueprint for them to come out of the year stronger than ever.

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Cover and pages of the State of Spending report

The CFO's playbook for 2023

Discover the top priorities finance leaders need to consider to face the business challenges of 2023 and what they can do to help make sure their business and their teams get a headstart in the new year.

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Front cover and two pages of Pleo's CFO playbook

The evolution of business travel: How you can navigate the new landscape

In this eBook (or in-flight magazine), we're taking a closer look at the key drivers of the evolution of business travel and how your company can be best prepared for the return to the road.

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Three pages of Pleo's business travel eBook

Getting a grip on cash flow management

We’re sharing lessons learned from conversations with CFOs, Heads of Finance and other financial professionals all using Pleo to step up their own business spending.

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Front cover and two pages of Pleo's cash flow management eBook

10 trends shaping the future of fintech

Fintech is evolving, in this eBook we explore where the industry is heading – for businesses and consumers.

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What do we expect to see happing in the future for fintech?

End manual processes with these finance tools

Discover the tools that help transform the way your business manages money.

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Put an end to manual data entry with these finance tools.

How 14 companies transformed their spend management

Dive into 14 unique customer stories across six markets and take a closer look into industry-focused pain points that were solved by better spend management. 

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How 14 Companies Transformed Their Spend Management, stories built with Pleo.

The State of Spending: How business reacted to Covid

2020 was a year like no other. Pleo crunches the numbers on how companies spent their money in order to adapt to new challenges. See how your business compares – and maybe get some inspiration.

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Four pages of annual report with graphs

Guide to modern expense management

Expense management: it has to be done, but figure out how could you be doing it better.

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First three pages of guide

The future of finance

Six trends that are changing the accounting and finance landscape forever.

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First three pages of eBook

35+ tools for modern finance teams

Work faster and ensure your team operate more efficiently with these tools.

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First three pages of best tools eBook

Good Work: Build a company people love

Learn how to step up your company values and team's mental health

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First three pages of HR eBook

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