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The only business expense card you need

Pleo makes spending easy, whether you’re paying for business travel, employee or project expenses or subscriptions. With over 50+ currencies, Pleo cards help you control your finances while earning cashback. Plus, get your first 3 Pleo cards for free!

Trusted by more than 30,000 companies

Employee expense cards

Need to buy something for work? Pleo it

Replace petty cash and shared credit cards with a Pleo employee business expense card. Trust your team without compromising on control with a Pleo card, offering individual spend limits, built-in controls, automated receipt capture and more. Virtual, physical or both – you decide who gets which card based on their needs.

New! Virtual Vendor cards

Recurring payments? Pleo them

Control your finances and eliminate nasty surprises with a Vendor card that lets you centralise and limit payments to one or a group of vendors of your choice. Easily adjust spending limits or change cardholders without cancelling business-critical expenses like subscriptions, cloud computing or ads.

Take the stress out of business spending with Pleo

Up to 1% cashback

Make money while spending. Every time you pay with a Pleo card, get money back.

Custom spend controls

Set approval flows and spending limits per employee, purchase or vendor.

Easy card management

Create, freeze or cancel cards for team members in just a few clicks.

Real-time overview

Get instant visibility of all company spend – from daily expenses to subscriptions.

Powered by Mastercard

Use a Pleo card at more than 30 million merchants worldwide.

Enterprise-grade security

Safeguard funds with Pleo – certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

    • "Because employees can have their own company cards, they can pay for software subscriptions themselves quickly and easily."

      Faith Metobo Senior Finance Manager

    Pleo cards – more powerful than business corporate cards

    Loved by finance teams and employees alike

    Pleo cards – more powerful than business corporate cards


    Pleo cards

    See transactions in real-time – if something doesn’t look right, flag it immediately.

    Credit cards

    See transactions in a monthly statement – making it hard to spot problems right away.


    Pleo cards

    Set individual spending limits for each card and easily adjust them if needed.

    Credit cards

    The card balance is the same as the account balance – which means unlimited access to funds.

    People management

    Pleo cards

    Issue virtual or physical cards instantly. Freeze cards with a click of a button.

    Credit cards

    Issuing a card requires a long application process with lots of paperwork.


    Pleo cards

    Proactive customer support, available via chat, email or phone.

    Credit cards

    Long wait times for help, just when you need fast answers.

    The basics

    An employee business expense card, often also called a prepaid business card is issued to someone who works for a company and needs a payment card for their work-related expenses. Instead of paying for these purchases with their own money, they use the card and then file a report to prove the cost was necessary for business reasons.

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