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Team award

Success at scale award

We’re asking you for nominations for a team that puts efficiency and scaling at the forefront. Business growth can’t happen without stability, and this team hits this balance effortlessly. 

Currently accepting submissions.

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Striking the chord between stability and growth

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This award goes to the finance team who has proven its ability to scale successfully while managing its finances across entities through one account using Pleo.

This team will have a strong grasp of how company money is being spent, allowing them to make smarter business spending decisions based on real-time data across all subsidiaries – new and old. 

Cast your nomination for who you think deserves this title.

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Submission pointers to keep in mind

  • Describe the size, structure and set-up of the team. What are the key responsibilities and how many entities does the team manage?
  • How has the team utilised Pleo to manage these multiple entities with a focus on streamlining the financial management at scale?
  • How does the team use Pleo to spot any spending patterns or trends across multiple entities?
  • What measurable impact has the team had on the financial performance of the business?
  • These pointers are just to help you get started. When applying or nominating someone for an award, you don't need to reference each of these points

Meet the jury members

We’re inviting six industry leaders and big thinkers from all over the globe to come together and handpick the winners of each category. Let’s hear it for our judges.

Image of Caroline Barnekow

Caroline Barnekow

VP Fintech and Impact Engagement at Mastercard

Image of Søren Lonning

Søren Lonning

CFO at Pleo

Image of Maria Mejer-Stybe

Maria Mejer-Stybe

Manager, BSO Development, BDO Denmark

Image of Mette Gade

Mette Gade

CPO at Pleo

Image of Stuart Wynn

Stuart Wynn

SVP Strategy & Partnerships at Pleo

Martin Dalskov, Podimo

Martin Dalskov

Head of Finance at Podmio

How submissions will be evaluated

Each and every submission will be carefully evaluated by our jury committee with a few things kept in mind. This includes: all creative, strategic, and analytical factors, with particular attention paid to the answers provided in the submission form. 

Save the dates

08/07/24 - Submissions open

20/09/24 - Entries close

05/11/24 - Winners announced


To be up for the chance of winning any of the awards this year, entries must be Pleo customers or partners (accounting, consulting, and integration partners).  

Want to hear more about the Beyond Awards?

If you’re eager to learn more about Pleo’s Beyond Awards, reach out to with any questions or inquiries about your submission. 

Read all the FAQs

Fair Judging and Recognition

Pleo guarantees that all submissions for the awards contest shall be evaluated with the utmost integrity and impartiality, ensuring that all entries are reviewed on fair and equal terms. The judging process will be free from any form of discrimination or preferential treatment.

The main objective of the Beyond Finance Awards is to recognise and celebrate Pleo’s customers and partners, allowing them to share feedback and promote their success stories and experiences using Pleo to transform their business. Should you want to enter an award category but do not wish to be contacted by Pleo’s marketing/PR team or have your photo, job title, company name, and logo used, please email us at If we don’t hear from you within two weeks of your submission, we’ll process your submission as is.