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Close your books faster with NetSuite

Increase accounting efficiency, lower the risk of human error, and sync all expenses with one click by integrating NetSuite with Pleo, Europe's leading business spending solution.

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Up to 1% cashback

T&Cs apply

Bank-level security

FSA & PCI regulated

Trusted by 30,000+ companies across Europe

Three key benefits

1. Get rid of the reconciliation workload

Remove the finance team's extra work of manually reconciling accounts every month. Sync and match all expenses, reimbursements, subscriptions and invoice transactions with a single click.

2. Increase financial data accuracy

NetSuite validates all data before importing into the system, ensuring the right data is exported from Pleo. Removing the need to cross-check in the case of inaccurate transactional data. 

3. Get real-time visibility across subsidiaries

Get rid of data silos and effortlessly manage all your subsidiaries' spend. Sync all transactional data in one place to standardise multi-entity management.

Easy set-up


Sign up to Pleo and activate the integration


Map all your accounting codes and categories in Pleo


Sync and validate journal entries, and reconcile all your accounts

The leading business spending solution across Europe

Beyond integrating with NetSuite, Pleo lets you streamline business spending with smart company cards, expenses, reimbursements and invoices all in one place.

Get started with NetSuite & Pleo

Join 30,000+ companies already using Pleo to save time on manual work. Start your free trial.

Powered in the UK by B4B partnership