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Simplify company expenses with Pleo and Fortnox.

Faster bookkeeping, less stress. Easily sync all of your expenses and receipts with Pleo and Fortnox.

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Leading expenses tool in Europe

1480+ five star reviews

Bank-level security

FSA & PCI regulated

One spending solution, thousands of happy companies

Here's how Pleo works...

Power to your people

Your team get their own virtual or plastic Pleo cards.

Instant spending notifications

Capture receipts on-the-go, process expenses right away

... and here's how Pleo works with Fortnox

Flawless integration

Import accounts, project codes, cost centres and verification series from Fortnox with no fuss.

Error?! No thanks

Manual expenses mean human error. Sad but true. Our integration removes that risk, to make syncing every purchase seamless.

Exporting made easy

Pleo transfers the data you need straight to the correct verification series.

Real-time overview

Take control with categorised purchases and individual spending limits.

Connect Pleo and Fortnox in just a few clicks

Connecting your Fortnox account to Pleo is straightforward – and fast.

Sync all of your spending data, including receipts

Complete purchase data is pushed to Fortnox to match your accounting records. That includes expenses, receipts, cost account numbers, VAT and cost centres.

Save (a lot of) time, reduce manual errors

Pleo automates expenses, helping you to focus on other things. We even remind your team if they’re missing receipts.


When logged into Pleo, head to the Settings page and choose Fortnox from the Accounting list. Follow the onscreen instructions to get your API integration code in Fortnox and copy it into Pleo. Want step-by-step instructions? No problem.

"Borrowing the company credit card feels a bit like asking your parents for money to go to the movies when you were 12."

Ludvig Olsson CEO & Co-Founder, Trickle

But that's not all...

What accounting system do you use?

Good news! We integrate with them all, to make tracking expenses simple.

Save money with Perks

We’ve unlocked a stack of exclusive deals and offers with the merchants that we know our customers love.

1, 2, 3 – Fetch!

Our automatic receipt finder syncs with your email to make filing your online purchases simple.

Trusted by more than 30,000+ companies

Highly rated in all the right places

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Powered in the UK by B4B partnership