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Free mileage tracking template for businesses on the road

Go that extra mile resting assured that it’s accounted for with Pleo’s free mileage tracking template.

Free mileage tracking template for businesses on the road

Explore our free professional mileage reimbursement template personalised for your business.

Getting reimbursed and track fuel consumption have never been this easy. To get started, enter your contact details and via Google Drive, you can make a copy and modify it to exactly what you need. Simple.




The full details on using the mileage template

This ready to use template makes it easy for teams on the move to claim back their mileage deductions, all while saving finance a whole lot of time. Here’s how to track every trip:

  • Fill in the blanks

Start by adding in your details, including your full name, at the top left-hand side of the template. Then, take a reading of your odometer at the start of your journey, and at the end of your tracking period.  

  • Keep every tripped logged

For each trip, enter the date and select the purpose of each trip, such as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’, from the dropdown menu. Be sure to provide details of every trip, such as conference or meeting. Then, enter the destination address and the starting point with the total miles travelled. 

  • Add in your car information 

Make it clear whether your car is your own personal vehicle, or it’s owned by your employer. Leave no stone unturned by adding in all other information about the car, such as vehicle type and engine size.  

  • We’ll work out the deductions for you

Business miles are automatically calculated and entered into the ‘business miles’ column in the template. The total deduction amount is calculated using the HMRC Mileage Rate 2023 (£0.45 per mile).  

How is mileage cost calculated? 

The current mileage rate in the UK, as set by HMRC, is 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year (and it’s 25p for every extra mile after). Jumping across the pond, in the US the IRS has set the rate to 67 cents per mile. It all adds up, so make every mile count. 

The different ways of tracking and calculating your mileage

Tracking mileage can be done in various ways. From the age-old method of manually tracking and calculating every mile travelled, to relying on tech to make sure teams are getting reimbursed the correct amount (and in good time). 

Manual logbook

Manually keeping track of all your miles covered is tedious business. Having your mileage tracked physically runs the risk of human error and possibly losing track of your trips, making the reimbursement process unnecessarily long. 

Digital template 

Digitally keeping track of your business trips by car allows for better data storage when it comes to claiming back those miles, and reimbursements. Pleo’s free mileage template does the maths for you too, making sure all data is accurate. 

Mileage tracking app

The ultimate way of keeping your mileage under one roof is by using an end-to-end app that details every trip and keeps records safely in the background, for whenever you need them. A mileage tracking app means more accurate data. 

Digitally tracking your mileage is good for business

Making sure every mile is accounted for via a tracking app doesn’t just make sure there are no gaps in your data, it also generates compliant records for finance to export at their fingertips. 

✅ Make data-driven decisions 

✅ Store records safely and securely 

✅ Save a whole lot of time (and money) 

It pays to use Pleo for tracking mileage 

A whole new way to track mileage

Streamline your mileage process and ensure accurate reimbursement for all business-related travel expenses. Pleo’s expense reimbursement feature automatically calculates the distance and fuel cost of work trips. Simply tell our app where a journey started and ended and we'll work out the mileage expenses.

Business fuel cards with individual spending limits

Issue a Pleo smart company card to your team members that drive for work. They use it to pay for the fuel they need and back at base, your finance team sees every payment in real-time. Easy. 

Fuel reimbursement without the hassle

Simplify the process of expense reimbursement by providing a clear and transparent record of all mileage expenses. With Pleo, your team can easily upload receipts, making it easy for finance to review and approve expenses for reimbursement.

Questions? We’ve got you

How long does the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) require you to keep records?

According to the IRS, companies must keep records for a minimum of 3 years from the date you originally filed for return, or 2 years from the date you paid tax. 

How can a mileage log template help with tax deductions?

Keeping track of your mileage records is crucial to make sure all the books add up and that you’re team are getting reimbursed fairly. By using a templated that works in accordance with HMRC, finance can rest assured knowing that everything is compliant, and you’re able to calculate the mileage allowance relief when claiming back tax.