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A business spending solution catered to your restaurant

Get full visibility over your company spending with less of the manual work. At Pleo, we can’t tell you how to cook, but we can help you to do what you do best: running a restaurant.

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A single solution for expenses – 30,000+ satisfied busineses

Unexpected expenses? Payment to suppliers?

Give everyone on your team a Pleo card, minimise and control the expenses generated day by day, and wave goodbye to worrying about them. Convenience, simplicity and security are the star dishes on our menu.

Pleo’s recipe

Your team pays with Pleo

Whether that's last-minute shops for missing secret ingredients or restaurant supplies, Pleo cards have them covered. 

They capture all receipts

After making a purchase, they’ll be notified to take a picture of their receipt. Pleo will handle the rest.

Job done!

Time to move on to the next dish.

No expenses will be able to outfox your restaurant

  • Those unexpected expenses

    You suddenly run out of milk, bread, flour, eggs or that wine everyone goes crazy for, and you have to rush out and buy more – your customers aren’t going to wait. Send someone out with their Pleo card and problem solved 🪄

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  • Expenses generated in various locations

    What if you have various restaurants or catering outfits in different locations? Centralise every single one of your expenses with Pleo and control them from the same place: your Pleo account.

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  • Payment to suppliers

    Even if they all operate in their own way, you can use your Pleo card to pay them and control how much money is spent on keeping your business supplied with raw materials and ingredients.

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  • Other equipment

    Because your restaurant also needs computers, a TV set-top box and a phone, as well as ovens, coffee machines and hobs. And with Pleo, you can keep tabs on all of those things too.

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Pleo makes it so much easier

Pleo makes it so much easier

Employees paying out-of-pocket?

With Pleo

Never again. With Pleo, your team won’t ever be left waiting for those reimbursements. With Pleo, you can reimburse your team instantly.

Without Pleo

They pay out-of-pocket, ask for the receipt, keep it (or lose it!), pass it on, the receipt gets lost…

Year-end reporting

With Pleo

Fast, paperless and effortless, showing where the money was spent and with payment records to check in case of any doubts.

Without Pleo

With hundreds of invoices for the fixed and variable costs that go into running your restaurant, it can get tricky to handle. Reviewing everything, adding it all up manually… what a to-do! 🤯

Your team

With Pleo

Focused on doing their best work thanks to having their own Pleo card for any work-related expense.

Without Pleo

Unhappy and perhaps even a little annoyed about having to pay out-of-pocket when there’s an unexpected purchase to be made.


With Pleo

Feeling peace of mind. You’ve got your expenses – which were once the main source of problems at your restaurant – completely under control with your Pleo cards and app.

Without Pleo

A lot of stress, because your restaurant has more expenses than expected and bookkeeping is getting out of hand, keeping you awake at night.

Your restaurant

With Pleo

Everything is running smoothly, with no time wasted.

Without Pleo

It’s absolute chaos, your usual fast pace slowed down by tedious admin. And at the till, they never know how much is going to come in or go out, leading to moments of tension when cash runs short.

Your restaurant’s customers

With Pleo

The happiest of all: delighted by the delicacies on your menu and enjoying the exceptional service from your team.

Without Pleo

We don’t know, but undoubtedly they could always be a touch – even if it’s just a little touch – better 😊

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How can Pleo cards help your business?

Pleo issues expense cards – both virtual and physical – that your staff can use to pay for online purchases or expenses that come up in the moment.

The restaurants of yesteryear seem like happy places to be – and they aren’t the only ones

Highly rated in all the right places

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