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Is managing your production expenses a horror movie?

To produce a film, a series or a one-off special, you have to move heaven and earth, and that comes with expenses. And it’s not just about the cost. It’s about how you manage those costs.

How can you keep track of all these expenses your team makes every day? How can you prevent a costly surprise at the end of the job when it comes to reimbursing your team? Four letters: P-L-E-O 👋

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Production costs will become the least of your worries.

Organising all those props and everyone on your team is a logistical nightmare. From the director and all the actors to the costume department, sound crew, post-production team… and everything else. We’ll leave that to you. The costs they generate is another thing for you to deal with, but if you’re taking a smart approach, that’s where Pleo comes in. With expenses all under control, you won’t lost a minute of sleep. 

Here’s how Pleo works for your production team:

Your team pays with Pleo

Whether that’s travel costs, lunch on set or props for the shoot. Whatever they need to do their best work, Pleo cards got them covered. 

They capture all receipts

After making a purchase, they’ll be notified to take a picture of their receipt. Pleo will handle the rest.

Job done!

The payment is recorded in the system and your bookkeeping is updated. The end.

Wave goodbye to receipts

  • Travel expenses

    Parts of the production are filmed here. Others nearby. And then there’s that scene 300 miles away. That’s just how it is in this business. All the expenses generated by getting cast and crew from A to B are kept under control with Pleo.

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  • Food and drink

    Everyone needs a break between scenes. A little time to relax, drink some water, have a coffee, recharge with some sustenance… that’s a lot of mouths to feed. If you manage it all with Pleo, you can have total peace of mind.

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  • Props and filming equipment

    Suddenly need a Roman costume for a new scene? Send someone out to find one, buy it with a Pleo card,... Problem solved. Maybe you need a particular kind of chair, half a dozen eggs, an eye patch or an old radio-cassette player… for anything that’s an expense, there’s Pleo.

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  • Cash management

    A lot of cash is moved around when making a movie. With Pleo, you can keep track of every single penny spent. For the times your team needs to pay for something using cash, they can be reimbursed instantly.

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  • Let’s get technical…

    Filming in the 21st century is different to how it was back in the 1960s. The technological element is much bigger now, from camera supports for filming on the move, to computers for rendering digital backgrounds. And, naturally, you can manage all the expenses involved with Pleo. Manage the cost of all those moving parts with Pleo. 

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And the Oscar goes to… Pleoooo!

And the Oscar goes to… Pleoooo!

People left out-of-pocket?

With Pleo

Settle your teams’ reimbursements instantly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a movie. Everyone involved, whether they’re permanent or only have a few lines will have expenses. With Pleo, they won’t have to dip into their own wallet.

Without Pleo

Once it’s a wrap, your team will pass those receipts to the bookkeeping department, who might take a few weeks to reimburse an actor that £10. It’s a pain, isn’t it?

Year-end reporting

With Pleo

Effortless and uncomplicated. The typical nightmare of checking paperwork, dates, quantities… it’s all in the past, because with Pleo that work is done in real-time.

Without Pleo

All that time spent wondering how you’ll get hold of the second camera assistant to explain the £15 receipt for a lunch during the shoot. Doubts and questions run high and it would take too long to clear everything up.

Your team

With Pleo

As happy as can be. Whether it’s the next Oscar nominee or the person who brings the coffees, they all feel independent and important, and the mood on set is fantastic.

Without Pleo

Always with half a mind on expenses, having to put their own money in when there’s a purchase needed that they shouldn’t have to pay for themselves. But of course, there’s no company card, so that’s just how it is 😐


With Pleo

Feeling great. No time wasted on reimbursements, thinking about who is paying for what, or who owes how much to whom. Everyone else can just get on with their work, and you can do yours.

Without Pleo

Chasing and herding all the cast and crew, who seem pretty distracted and not very focused on their work. And, of course, you end up frustrated because you feel like that’s not your job. It’s out of control!

Your company (whether it’s a temporary enterprise or otherwise)

With Pleo

All your expenses are under control, everyone has been paid on time and you can get on with planning your next production. No need to keep looking back!

Without Pleo

Funnily enough, winding a production up can be the most painful part of the whole process. With mountains of admin and paperwork to sort through, it can be chaos. Yikes! Never be without complete control of your expenses again.

Your production

With Pleo

Oscar-worthy 👍

Without Pleo

One for the Razzies 👎

How can Pleo cards help your business?

Pleo issues cards – both virtual and physical – that your cast and crew can use to pay for all kinds of expenses as part of an audiovisual production, whether it’s equipment, props, meals, drinks, transport - you name it. Each card has an individual spending limit and is PIN-protected in the Pleo app.

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