Customer Story

How Buffalo 7 made expensing a simple task with Pleo

The Challenge

Before using Pleo, Buffalo 7 experienced challenges with their spending processes that many companies are familiar with:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses: Employees at Buffalo 7, especially those who travel to client meetings, were spending out of pocket and submitting their expenses at the end of the month. This means that they had to fill out a spreadsheet and supply the receipts to their financial director. As a result, many receipts got lost along the way, losing track of purchases they had made.
  • Sharing company cards: Limited number of company credit cards were shared around the office. They often lost oversight who has the cards and which employees had card details, so they needed a more secure solution.
  • Lack of spending overview: As a consequence of their spending processes, it was not possible to see what employees had spent money on at a glance. Buffalo 7 also found it difficult to see what each department was spending exactly and track petty cash for day-to-day small expenses.

The Solution

Pleo caught the attention of the Buffalo 7 as it solved exactly the problems that they were experiencing each end of the month, when they were submitting their expenses. With having as many Pleo cards as they need, they can have real-time visibility into company spending and keep track over their company spending. Holding of the receipts is now also a thing of the past for Buffalo 7, as they just take a snap with their Pleo app.

The Result

There are 3 main benefits that Pleo provides to Buffalo 7:

  • Overall time saved: Submitting expenses is no longer a monthly or weekly laborious task for Buffalo 7, with Pleo it’s just done simply after each purchase in a few seconds.
  • Peace of mind: Managers at Buffalo 7 can check anytime how much company money is being spent and what it is spent on from any device with Pleo real-time overview.
  • All expenses covered: Prior to Pleo, big purchases were always made using a company credit card and smaller expenses were covered out of pocket. However, this didn't allow for unexpected expenses that can be expensive for the employee who didn't have access to the card at all times. Pleo gives all employees who make purchases access to company funds when needed, while keeping the company in full control.

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"Pleo will save you and your employees time. Submitting your expenses is no longer a monthly or weekly laborious task, it’s just done simply after each purchase in a few seconds."

Lyndon Nicholson, CEO

What Pleo provided them with

Quick onboarding

Use your current bank and get going in a matter of minutes.

Payment cards for employees

Generate virtual or plastic Pleo cards for all employees.

Spending limits and rights

Define custom rights and limitations for each employee.

Receipt matching

Categorisation and matching of receipts happen as you pay.

Real-time dashboard

Stay on top of all company spending in real-time.

Accounting integrations

Avoid repetitive procedures, connect Pleo with your accounting software.

Quick and free top-ups

Load your Pleo wallet and Pleo cards fast, with no fees.

Fraud detection

Detect suspicious purchases when they happen.

Top customer support

Contact our team with in-app chat, email or phone support.

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