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Save on your business spending

Earn up to 1% cashback every time your team spends with Pleo. Client lunches, subscriptions, ad spend – everything. Start using Pleo and save in more ways than one.

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Available on all yearly plans

With monthly or yearly billing

Terms and conditions apply

Cashback is capped at plan value

How does Pleo cashback offer work?

Get started with cashback

Lock in cashback now

Sign up for one of our annual plans and get up to 1% cashback every time you pay with Pleo for the rest of the year.


Cash in on your subscription

Get cashback up to the value of your full Pleo subscription price, including fees for any additional users. It’s like using the best of Pleo, effectively for free!

Using cashback

Your cashback, your choice

Whether it’s off-setting your Pleo subscription cost or re-investing in ad spend, you’re in control of how to maximise the value of your rewards.

See how much you could save with Pleo cashback

What is your average monthly business spend? (£)

How many employees do you have?

Cashback your company could earn per year:


Calculations are based on 1% cashback with our yearly Advanced plan. Cashback is available on yearly plans only and is capped at the total subscription value including platform and user fees.

More questions? We got you.

Pleo cashback is available to customers who sign up to a yearly contract on our Essential or Advanced pricing plans. Upgrade to a yearly plan directly in your Pleo account or get in touch with our sales team here if you have any questions on finding the best plan.

Free up more time (and money)

Pleo’s smart company cards and spend management tools save you hours of manual admin so you can focus on the work that matters. With our cashback offer, you’ll also earn money on your business expenses. From office furniture to client meals, get more bang for your buck with Pleo.

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Save in more ways than one



Earn up to 1% cashback every time you spend when you sign up for our annual plans

Automated expenses

Automated expenses

Maximise your team’s time by automating the manual expense management process

Spend analytics

Spend analytics

Get full visibility of your company’s spending to find new ways to save

Subscriptions overview

Subscriptions overview

Track all your business subscriptions in a single view to spot duplicates or unused services

Free ATM withdrawals

Free ATM withdrawals

Take out cash on the go using your Pleo card, wherever you are

Trusted by more than 30,000+ companies

Highly rated in all the right places

It pays to use Pleo

Get up to 1% cashback on your business purchases when you sign up for our yearly plans.

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