Manage your bills with Pleo to save time (and effort).

Bills are a huge part of how companies spend money, but the manual process involved swallows time and creates stress. Pleo can simplify it all for you.

Efficient accounting of every invoice in Xero

We integrate with Xero, are compatible with Sage 50 and offer custom and generic CSV exports - to make bookkeeping faster and more convenient. Account for every bill, even before it’s approved or paid.

Cashflow management made easy

Schedule payments at a time that works for you – and your finances. Avoid late payment charges thanks to a whole new level of visibility.

Domestic transfers in the UK are free with Pleo

Here's a nice bonus. If you're paying a bill from a supplier in your country, we won't charge you anything to make the payment. Not a jot.

How it works

Take a look at our help article for step-by-step instructions on how to get set up.

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How much time can you save with Pleo Bills?

Time your company can save every year

Right now, invoices take

With Pleo Bills, they’ll take

Time saved with Pleo Bills

And Bills will only get better...

Approval workflows

Best-in-class checks ensure the right people sign off spending

Automated bookkeeping

Flawless exports to your ERP system

Bulk payments

Suppliers with multiple invoices? Group them and pay in one go

Evolving user experience

We’ll keep enhancing workflows and building improvements

Bills on mobile

Soon, you'll be able to access Pleo Bills on-the-go

More accounting integrations

Not a Xero, CSV or Sage 50 user? We're working on something for you

Trusted by more than 15,000 companies

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