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Control business subscriptions with Pleo.

A new way to manage the subscriptions that your people need. Pay using our smart company cards and track all recurring payments from one dashboard.

#1 expenses tool in Europe

1480+ five star reviews

Bank-level security

FSA & PCI regulated

One spending solution, 30,000+ happy companies

How it works

Sign up for a subscription and pay with Pleo.

Pleo automatically matches the receipt to the expense.

We sync the data with your accounting system. Nice!

But wait, there's more...

Smart credit cards

Your team pay for the tools they need, with spending limits set by you

Insights & analytics

An all-in-one overview of the software your business is using

Save big

Consolidate subscriptions to maximise efficiency and avoid overspending

Better forecasting

Transparent spending means you’re more informed

Get your subscription spending in shape

Here's a scary thought. Subscriptions that nobody uses, but that still cost you. With Pleo, you can easily spot those rogue sign-ups.

Visibility that really counts

Dive into our insights so you can make smarter decision on your team's SaaS spending – and plan for the future.

Trusted by more than 30,000 companies

Highly rated in all the right places

"I would recommend Pleo to every company that wants to save time."

Leonard Bergström Nordic Operations Manager, Budbee

And that's not all...

What accounting system do you use?

Good news! We integrate with them all, to make tracking expenses simple.

Save money with Perks

We’ve unlocked a stack of exclusive deals and offers with the merchants that we know our customers love.

1, 2, 3 – Fetch!

Our automatic receipt finder syncs with your email to make filing your online purchases simple.

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