Simplify company expenses with Pleo and e-conomic.

Easily sync all of your expenses, receipts and account numbers with Pleo and e-conomic. Faster bookkeeping, less stress.

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Here's how Pleo works...

Power to your people

Your team get their own virtual or plastic Pleo cards.

Automated expense reports

Receipts are captured on-the-go, no more paperwork.

... and here's how Pleo works with e-conomic

Flawless integration

Import accounts departments from e-conomic with no fuss.

Error?! No thanks

Manual expenses mean human error. Sad but true. Our integration removes that risk, to make syncing every purchase seamless.

Accurate accounting

Split expenses so you can export to two or more different e-conomic accounts.

Exporting made easy

Ready? Transfer all expenses and receipts from Pleo with one click.

Connect Pleo and e-conomic in just a few clicks

Connecting your e-conomic account to Pleo is straightforward – and fast.

Sync all of your spending data, including receipts

Complete purchase data is pushed to e-conomic to match your accounting records. That includes expenses, receipts, cost account numbers, VAT and cost centres.

Save (a lot of) time, reduce manual errors

By automating most of the manual work, our e-conomic integration saves you countless hours every month and helps avoid mistakes.


It's a simple two-step process. First, in e-conomic you need to create a new account and new journal, both named Pleo. Then, log into Pleo and select e-conomic as your accounting system. Want step-by-step instructions? No problem.

"No more chasing invoices here, there and everywhere. No more build-up of payments to be made."

Victoria Cozens Co-Founder

But that's not all...

Integration leicht gemacht

Smartes Ausgabenmanagement für alle! Pleo lässt sich mit jeder Buchhaltungssoftware verknüpfen.

Geld sparen mit Perks

Exklusive Deals und Rabatte für Tools, Software & Co, die unsere Kund:innen lieben.

1, 2, 3 – Fetch!

Fetch findet Rechnungsbelege automatisch im E-Mail-Postfach. Weniger Arbeit für Sie & Ihre Buchhaltung.

Mehr als 20.000 Unternehmen setzen bereits auf Pleo

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