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Simplify business expenses with Pleo and Dinero.

A match made in accounting heaven. Easily sync all of your expenses and receipts with Pleo and Dinero.

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Here's how Pleo works...

Power to your people

Your team get their own virtual or plastic Pleo cards.

Automated expense reports

Receipts are captured on-the-go, no more paperwork.

... and here's how Pleo works with Xero

Categories made simple

Working with expense accounts and ledger codes? We’ll pre-categorise all purchases made with Pleo to match how you’re set up in Xero.

Error?! No thanks

Manual expenses mean human error. Sad but true. Our integration removes that risk, to make syncing every purchase seamless.

Real-time spending data

Our Xero Direct Feed gives you an up-to-date overview.

Effortless reconciliation

Complete purchase data is pushed through to Xero to match accounts.

Save (loads of) time, reduce manual errors

Transaction data moves directly from Pleo to Xero, starting the second a payment card is used.

Sync all of your spending data, including receipts

Complete purchase data is pushed to Xero to match your accounting records. That includes the receipts, categories, VAT codes and any custom notes.

See company spending in real-time

Our Direct Feed means all Pleo transactions can be sent to your Xero feed automatically, twice a day. Once the Direct Feed is connected, statement lines appear in your bank account in Xero, ready for you to reconcile.


When logged into Pleo, head to the Settings page and choose Xero from the Accounting list. Follow the onscreen instructions, which include granting Pleo access to your Xero data. It's a quick process and you'll only need to do it once.

"It made a lot of sense to use a system like Pleo that syncs with Xero and automatically generates invoices. It’s just made our lives a lot easier and reduced the red tape and bureaucracy we had to deal with."

Valentina Milanova Founder

Was Pleo sonst noch kann …

Integration leicht gemacht

Smartes Ausgabenmanagement für alle! Pleo lässt sich mit jeder Buchhaltungssoftware verknüpfen.

Geld sparen mit Perks

Exklusive Deals und Rabatte für Tools, Software & Co, die unsere Kundschaft liebt.

1, 2, 3 – Fetch!

Fetch findet Rechnungsbelege automatisch im E-Mail-Postfach. Weniger Arbeit für Sie & Ihre Buchhaltung.

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