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Payment cards for people in companies

Collecting receipts, expense reports, paying out-of-pocket - sure, we used to do all that.

This is our new way arr-right

A card when needed

Whenever you need it, your own Pleo virtual card is handy for online purchases and a Pleo plastic card for the rest.

An administrator can use the Pleo app to manage the cards and decide on spending limits for employees. You no longer have to wait to borrow a manager’s credit card or pay out-of-pocket.

Just bin the physical receipt arr-right

No lost receipts

A few seconds after a purchase, Pleo smoothly captures the receipt and categorises it.

Your bookkeeper can see your transactions and get all the information needed directly from Pleo. You no longer need to store receipts or make expense reports.

On top of your own and your team’s spending arr-right

A real time overview

Your purchases show up in the Pleo App right as they happen making your team up-to-date and in sync with each other.

You can easily tag purchases and be on top of your budgets, and always in real time.

Upgrade your existing workflow arr-right

A smooth flow

Pleo can be added seamlessly to your existing accounting software. It will feel like adding a smart layer to what you already have.

With Pleo, your purchases arrive categorised, bundled with their receipts and mapped into the right account.

Try Pleo for free arr-right
introducing pleo your own card bin your receipts spending overview improve your flow

Features and benefits

Get ready to say goodbye to shared cards, reimbursements and tedious expense reports.

Pleo will be available soon for Danish and UK companies.

  • onboard

    No bank change needed

    Get going in minutes and keep the bank you already have
  • receipt

    Easy on-the-go capturing and matching of receipts

    Categorisation and matching of receipts happen as you pay
  • cards2

    Payment cards for employees

    Virtual cards for online transactions, plastic for shopping in stores
  • limits

    Live dashboard for employees and managers

    Stay in touch with your own and your team's purchases
  • limits

    Individual spending rights

    Define rights and limitations for each member of your team
  • integrate

    Integration to accounting systems

    No more double procedures, Pleo connects with your accounting software

Security as a foundation

Our team of financial technology experts and world-class partners makes sure you are in safe hands.


Fraud monitoring

All transactions are monitored 24/7 and covered by the Mastercard Zero Liability Policy.


Mastercard® partner

Pleo cards are issued by IDT through the MasterCard Network and accepted by millions of merchants worldwide.


Bank-level security

All sensitive data is stored in PCIDSS level-1 compliant data centre and is 2048-bit SSL encrypted.

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Pleo is getting ready to launch for a limited number of companies.
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