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Pleo kan met maximaal 3 gebruikers gratis worden uitgeprobeerd. Meld je nu aan.

De oplossing voor bedrijfsuitgaven voor toekomstgerichte teams

Pleo biedt slimme zakelijke kaarten voor je bedrijf. Laat je team kopen wat ze nodig hebben om uitstekend werk te leveren en geef tegelijkertijd je team Financiën controle op een heel nieuw niveau.

Employee enjoys the benefit of the automated expense management software

Het vertrouwen van ruim 20.000 bedrijven

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Hoe het werkt

Illustration of Pleo business expense card and mobile app

Koop iets

Betaal met je Pleo-kaart en je krijgt direct een melding in je app.

Illustration of receipt scanning with Pleo app

Add your receipt

Fotografeer je bonnetje voeg alle belangrijke details toe aan de Pleo app.

Illustration of celebrating a successful business purchase

Je bent klaar

Dat is alles! Terugbetalingen en omslachtige uitgavenrapporten zijn verleden tijd!

Smart company cards met individuele limieten

Pleo’s prepaid Mastercards empower your team to buy the things they need for work. Our virtual and plastic cards come with spending limits.

Employee ready to pay for company lunch with Pleo business expense card

Automatische uitgavenrapporten

Stel individuele uitgavenlimieten in en krijg een realtime overzicht van alle uitgaven.

Admin overview on employee spend with Pleo business expense app

A fully integrated business expense app

Pleo syncs with your accounting tools. Its automated expense management that takes the stress out of bookkeeping.

Accounting softwares pleo integrates with

Wat is Pleo?

Employee holds Pleo smart corporate expense card

Vragen? Hier vind je de antwoorden

Onze manier om bedrijfsuitgaven bij te houden is totaal anders. Met Pleo leveren uitgaven geen stress en gedoe meer op. En dat is fijn voor werknemers en managers. Werknemers gebruiken hun kaart om te kopen wat ze nodig hebben voor hun werk en beheerders zien in realtime waar het geld naartoe gaat. Hier vind je nog veel meer informatie over Pleo.

The difference expense automation can make for you

It’s difficult for financial admins or team leads to stay on top of every purchase made on their watch. Often they’re doing their best to keep up with mountains of paperwork.

Pleo’s expense management software offers digital receipt capture and automates expense reports. From the second one of our cards is used, admins can see the details of that individual purchase, as well as company-wide insights and analytics.

Who can use Pleo?

Thousands of companies across Europe trust our expense management tool to sort their spending. Teams of all shapes and sizes and across multiple industries have helped us shape a corporate expense management system that works for everyone.

Illustration of employees enjoying the benefit of business expense automation

Expense management software for SMEs

Whether you choose our Free price plan (5 users or fewer) or opt for Pro, Pleo will help your team focus on what matters: Growth. Our streamlined expense management software means you can see, at-a-glance, what your people are spending on. It’s possible to immediately accelerate your financial processes too – nice.

Admin overview on business spend by employees

Expense management software for enterprise companies

Automated expense management with Pleo helps bigger businesses to gain instant visibility over all of their spending. It can be daunting to onboard dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people onto a new online expense system – so we make sure you're helped all the way, with proactive customer support. We’ll even help you draft up an expense policy to really get a grip on spending.

Expense automation also liberates your finance team from tedious receipt chasing, offering a major saving. A company of 100 people can spend £3,471 a month manually filing expense reports – that’s more than £40,000 a year.

Illustration of happy employees

"Pleo is een aanrader voor ieder bedrijf dat tijd wil besparen."

Leonard Bergström Nordic Operations Manager, Budbee

Travel and expense management software

Keeping track of spending is difficult when everyone’s in one place. When some of your people are travelling for work, it becomes nearly impossible – but that’s where Pleo really comes into its own.

Unbeatable acceptance rates mean our cards work wherever your team goes, while our app means they’ve got reliable travel expense management software on-the-go. Meanwhile, admins back at HQ can see what’s being spent, no matter whether that’s in London or Lagos.

Employee ready to cover travel expenses with Pleo travel management software

Het vertrouwen van ruim 20.000 bedrijven

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