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Business expense cards for forward-thinking teams

Pleo’s smart company cards empower your people to buy the things they need. We automate expense reports, so you can focus on work that really matters.

One spending solution, 25,000+ happy customers

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Corporate cards trusted by thousands of customers

Companies of every shape and size rely on our expense cards for business. Whatever your industry, whatever you need to buy… Pleo it.

Pleo's expense card for business

How Pleo Works

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Buy something

Use your Pleo card to pay for something and you’ll get an instant notification on your app.

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Add your receipt

Snap your receipt and add any important details to the Pleo app.

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You're done!

That’s it! No more reimbursements or tedious expense reports!

A spending solution your finance teams will love

  • Flawless integrations with your finance tools

    Our expense management system works beautifully with the accounting software you use every day. Xero, QuickBooks, Sage or custom CSV exports – whatever you use, we’ve got you covered.

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    Admin overview within Pleo software
  • Employee expense cards that empower your people

    We think modern workers deserve better than piles of receipts, shared credit cards and being left out-of-pocket. Our cards and app are built to put the end user first.

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    Physical Pleo business expense card in use
  • Business travel cards that get you places

    A corporate travel card from Pleo gives finance teams one place to track what people are paying for, no matter where they are.

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    Physical Pleo expense card used for corporate travelling

Expense cards vs company credit cards

Choosing between corporate expense cards like Pleo and traditional credit cards issued by your bank? These are the key differences to know about.

Expense cards vs company credit cards



See transactions in real-time – if something doesn’t look right, flag it immediately.

Credit card

See transactions in a monthly statement – making it hard to spot problems in good time.

New hires


Issue virtual or physical cards to people immediately, so they can hit the ground running.

Credit card

Long application process (and lots of paperwork) to add someone to your account.



Proactive customer support, available 24/7. (Run by proper humans too.)

Credit card

Long wait times for help, just when you need fast answers.



Set individual spending limits for each card and easily adjust them if needed.

Credit card

The card balance is the same as the account balance – which can mean unlimited access to funds.

What our customers are saying

  • No more chasing invoices here, there and everywhere. No more build up of payments to be done.

    Victoria Cozens, Founder and Owner, Perky Blenders

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    Pleo customer - Perky Blenders
  • I love the way Pleo gives you the ability to let people do their jobs, empowering them, passing down responsibility.

    Anthony Hanson, Financial Director, Essential Living

    02 / 04
    Pleo customer - Essential Living
  • Pleo has meant a massive shift in how much time from an average day is spent on strategy and not donkey work.

    Sam Bradley, Head of Finance, Cookson Adventures

    03 / 04
    Pleo customer - Cookson Adventures
  • I would recommend Pleo to every company that wants to save time.

    Leonard Bergström, Nordic Operations Manager, Budbee

    04 / 04
    Pleo customer - Budbee

The basics

Pleo issues physical and virtual expense cards for business that can be used by employees to pay for things online or on-the-go. Each company card comes with an individual spending limit and PIN that is stored on the Pleo app.

A little more detail

Admins decide who gets a Pleo business expense card from their company. Virtual cards can be issued instantly, while physical cards will arrive a few days after they’re ordered.

Choosing the right expense management card

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Straightforward pricing

We offer three price plans, including our Free plan for less than 5 users. We work hard to ensure our spend management solution doesn’t have hidden fees or extra charges.

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Empower your team

We think everyone deserves to feel valued at work. So we built a product that takes the stress out of spending – for employees, for bookkeepers and for managers.

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Business travel cards

If your team is on the go, Pleo offers a way to easily centralise all their spending. And your people can rely on unbeatable acceptance rates, wherever work takes them.

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Per diem cards for employees

If you’d like an employee expense card to help track per diem spending, try Pleo. Our spending cards have individual limits and our app tracks out-of-pocket costs.

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