customer Story – Pizza Pilgrims

How Pizza Pilgrims made company spending easier for everyone

The Challenge

Going from a market stall to one of the fastest growing pizzerias with several locations around London and the UK in just 6 years, brought a lot of changes for Pizza Pilgrims. As with many growing companies, especially within retail, it also brought challenges when it came to managing the growing number company expenses:

  • Company cards reconciliation:

    Finance team had to wait for the end of the month, download the credit card statement to see all company spending and match those transactions to the right receipts.

  • Manual expense journal:

    As the process was manual, they added all transactions along with receipts to an expense journal, which they later had to import to their accounting software - a very strenuous task every month.

  • Employees disliked expenses:

    Thom, one of the co-founders, puts it best, when he said that it doesn't matter if you a CEO of a big corporation or working on a market stall - nobody likes doing expense reports. It was the same for people working at Pizza Pilgrims, including Thom.

The Solution

Thom, one of the co-founders at Pizza Pilgrims, tried to implement a solution to make storing receipts in the photo stream a lot easier and keep his expenses a lot more organised. But even with a self-build solution, he found himself forgetting to get around to do his expenses and watching receipts just pile up.

He then discovered Pleo while browsing on the Xero Partner page, thought to himself: "Why has no one done this before?" and sent it over to his finance department. The feeling was mutual. After a quick trial with 2 of their employees, they enrolled Pleo across the entire organisation.

The Result

With Pleo, Pizza Pilgrims made it a lot easier to handle company spending for the whole organisation, but their finance team finds these benefits most crucial:

  • Real-time spending overview:

    Employees are reminded to snap the receipt at the point of sale and this is later added to the right expense data automatically. This is then fed directly into the admin view instantly, which can be seen by the finance team in real-time.

  • No receipt chasing:

    With the receipts in place in Pleo, matched to the transactions, it's a lot easier to do the books at the end of each month. The finance team can do an export on a selected date and download their reports.

  • Accounting integrations:

    Finance doesn't have to create a manual expense journal and later add it to their Xero accounting software. Thanks to the integrations, tools are connected and all data can be exported smoothly anytime.

What Pleo provided

Quick onboarding

Use your current bank and get going in a matter of minutes.

Payment cards for employees

Generate virtual or plastic Pleo cards for all employees.

Spending limits and rights

Define custom rights and limitations for each employee.

Receipt matching

Categorisation and matching of receipts happen as you pay.

Real-time dashboard

Stay on top of all company spending in real-time.

Accounting integrations

Avoid repetitive procedures, connect Pleo with your accounting software.

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