Responsible spending.

Assurance brings an extra layer of assurance to your team’s spending without the tedium of approving every single expense. Assurance works by alerting a manager when a questionable expense is made – and letting them decide if it’s okay or not.

Catch the ones
that matter.

Set a Review threshold for each or just some of your teams. Any time a team member spends over the threshold on an individual purchase we will alert the team’s manager to review it.

Tap decisions.

When managers are alerted of an expense to review, they can make a decision with a tap: This was an appropriate business expense, or this was not an appropriate business expense.

Context is king.

Sometimes an expense could be appropriate, but a member of your team hasn’t provided enough context or reasoning – it happens. Assurance lets a manager send back that expense to the person who made it with a comment. When the team member updates the expense, the manager will be alerted to review it again.

Seeing is approving.

The vast majority of expenses are fine and approved once they’ve been looked at. But pressing an “Approved” button over, and over, and over again can lead to frustration, and worst of all – complacency. Pleo treats every expense as fine, unless otherwise stated.

With our new “Seen by” feature you’ll see who in the company has seen a specific expense. For example, If a manager has seen a team member’s expense not marked for review, and not acted upon it – it’s likely an appropriate expense, and didn’t need any action.

Don’t get approved,
get assured.

Ready to get started with Assurance? It’s as easy as setting up your teams in Pleo, and choosing a review threshold. We’ll explain the steps in more detail in our next webinar.

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