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An expense management software that fits in your Pocket

Pleo bundles out-of-pocket expenses, cash spending and mileage together in one handy package called Pocket. Making it easy to track and reimburse the money owed between your business and your people.

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Fast, compliant reimbursements of expenses

With Pleo’s expense reimbursement software, admins see what’s owed to everybody. Your team trigger their own reimbursement payment, but reviews make sure there’s real accountability.

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No more manual employee expense claims

With Pocket, there’s no need for employees to fill out a reimbursement form and hold on to crumpled receipts. Whether it's client dinners, reimbursing travel or taking out cash, your team can record everything directly in the Pleo app straight away.

Illustration of a person reimbursing himself through the Pleo app

Simple reimbursements of per-diem allowance

Pocket makes reimbursing per-diem travel a breeze with all daily expenses all being collected in one single space. Top tip: Make sure you create an Expense Policy that outlines the per-diem rates so everyone knows how much they can spend when travelling for work.

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And here’s something cool

You can invite all employees to track their spending through Pocket, even if they don’t have a Pleo card.

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Centralise all of your business spending

We know, company cards can’t handle everything. So, we make it easy to track and reimburse the money owed between your business and your people – and not just out-of-pocket expenses.

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    Cash withdrawals

    Sometimes, cash is the answer. Now your team can withdraw money with their Pleo card – and properly record what’s spent with Pocket.

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    Pocket calculates the distance and fuel cost of work trips. Simply tell our app where a journey started and ended and we'll work out what’s owed for fuel.

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    Personal purchases

    Used your work card to pay for something by mistake? No problem – just mark a Pleo expense as a private purchase with the tap of a button.

A little more detail

When an employee has bought something with their own money, they can easily add the expense to the Pleo app. Pocket allows for approval workflows, be that team leads or finance, so reimbursements require signing off. Once a reimbursement has been approved, your employee will receive a notification letting them know the amount has been transferred to their personal bank account – just make sure the employee has added their personal card details beforehand. The expense plus reimbursement is tracked and recorded in the platform, just like a purchase made with a Pleo card.


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