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Pleo keeps spending simple and under control.

No matter what you sell, Pleo takes the fuss out of expenses. Our smart company cards mean you can make the most of every opportunity – not get bogged down in admin.

A solution that’s built for retail

  1. Easy expenses

    Empower your people with Pleo cards, with individual limits decided by you. They buy what they need for work – and you see all purchases in real-time.

  2. Keep spending simple

    Pleo means you don’t have to rely on petty cash or shared credit cards. Move past those piles of receipts and expense reports that swallow so much time.

  3. Real-time visibility for you

    Managing a scattered team isn’t easy. With Pleo, you see every transaction as soon as it happens whether that’s a different store or someone on-the-road.

Your money's in safe hands

Got temporary or part-time staff? It’s easy to issue them a virtual card if they need to buy something. Like all Pleo cards, you decide the spending limit.

How it works

Use your Pleo card to pay for something and you'll get an instant notification

Snap your receipt and add any important details to the Pleo app

Thats it! No more reimbursements or tedious expense reports

"Admin burns time, it’ll hold you back as a growing company."

Adam Cozens Co-Founder, Perky Blenders

Trusted by more than 20,000 companies

And rated 5/5 in all the right places

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